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Getting the Right Results

Transformation is a demanding and rewarding business. It requires the vision, passion and commitment to develop people and organisational cultures, and the ability to respond and adapt to complex challenges and changing environments. Above all, it takes courageous leadership to ‘get it right’ and deliver enduring results. We work closely with our clients to ensure strategic and operational alignment, and significant and sustainable outcomes.

The following case examples demonstrate how SocialPioneers™ has supported clients at various stages of their development to help them achieve their aspirations and goals.

student in woodworking workshopProject

The Green Employability Project  (Public Sector Pilot)


The National Offender Management Service – NOMS  (UK Ministry of Justice Executive Agency)
Green Reparation CIC  (Social Enterprise)

Assignment Objectives
  • To develop a new intensive, high quality, low cost probation community sentence model that will also reduce re-offending
  • To integrate probation, employment services and vocational training provision to improve offender employability and job prospects in the expanding green economy
  • To use the unpaid work of offenders to tackle climate change needs which are not commercially viable
Key Outcomes
  • Successful pilots run with probation in Wales, Merseyside and Devon capturing best practices
  • Enhanced interagency collaborative working nationally and locally
  • Establishment of a model for replication in the UK and internationally
Nature of SocialPioneers’ engagement

Public Service Design and Delivery:  Enterprise Modelling

SocialPioneers designed the model, raised £250k to fund the pilots, established the national programme board and local pilot arrangements, and project managed the 18-month programme.

Our selected Experts had experience of probation at CEO level, work with NOMS Board, policy and strategy assignments with the public employment sector, founding an environmental social enterprise, and technical specialisms in design and production of project and training materials.

SocialPioneers Transformation Leaders with certificates and Milton Keynes MayorProject

Transformation of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice (Palestinian Authority Government Ministry)


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office  (UK Central Government)
The Palestinian Authority  (Government Administration)

Assignment Objectives
  • To create a step change in the Ministry’s services to improve the experience of the justice system for Palestinians
  • To build Ministry leadership and management capabilities to advance and operate as a high performing Ministry
  • To provide a transformation model to roll out to other Ministries throughout Palestine
Key Outcomes
  • Establishment of an internally driven transformation programme with a board chaired by the Minister, trained transformation leaders and staff engagement involving all employees
  • Production of a number of firsts — the Ministry’s first vision statement, private sector mentoring partnership, transformation plan and projects, and civil society and staff consultations
  • SocialPioneers Ministry Transformation Programme™ to be applied in other Ministries in partnership with the Palestinian Authority General Personnel Council
Nature of SocialPioneers’ engagement

National Governmental Reforms and Programmes: Systems Transformation and Leadership Coaching

SocialPioneers visited on 21 occasions over a 30-month period, providing coaching and mentoring to the Minister and senior and middle managers, steering the process and providing transformation tools and technologies. Intensive training was provided by SocialPioneers Transformation Leaders Academy™ in the UK.

Our selected Experts had director-level experience of establishing the UK’s Ministry of Justice, transformation of large public sector organisations, design and reform of public services including the justice sector, working with government Ministers, international development including rule of law and governance, and technical specialisms in consensus building, consultations, executive coaching, mentoring and capacity building.

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