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Enabling through Merger

Mergers are used under a variety of guises to generate some of the most profound transformations of governance, provision and competitiveness. This is no less so in the pursuit of better government and public service improvements than in the more topical private sector mergers.

The drivers to merger include:

To meet complex social and economic challenges

Outcomes are best achieved by comprehensively addressing social and economic needs and opportunities. Where these are complex there can be multi-agency, multifaceted operations attempting to meet challenges that stretch available resources.  The merger of organisations where interdependencies for results are strong can lead to redesigned integrated activities that improve performance, simplify interfaces with customers and reduce duplication costs thereby transforming social and economic impact.

To thrive better in the market place

Where funding is tight and competition is tough for similar enterprises, merger can improve economies of scale and efficiencies in overheads and back-office services. The market position of business can also be enhanced by mergers that produce greater scope either through territorial coverage or breadth of service offerings. These mergers can transform competitiveness and value-for-money.

To take over a less well performing organisation

Most mergers are not of equals because one organisation will usually have the dominant standing, culture, leadership and operational robustness. Sometimes the differences are so profound that one “consumes” another, either a struggling organisation willingly being absorbed for its work to survive, or a victim of a hostile takeover by a strong enterprise resolved to transform its scale or domain.

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