SocialPioneers™ is the Social Transformation Agency for governments and civil society.


Working for Justice

As a leading authority on the power of social transformation to drive justice innovations and reforms, we channel our extensive legal, technical and consultancy expertise on initiatives to establish and strengthen criminal justice systems that provide humane and internationally recognised best practices.

In the field of rule of law, SocialPioneers focuses on the development and transformation of criminal justice system governance, policies, institutions, services and processes — the government and institutional vehicles for the delivery of laws, legal frameworks and legislative reforms.

We have a resource of consultants who are top-level experts on criminal justice competencies and issues. They undertake research, analysis, options exploration, service modelling, systems transformation, and leadership training and coaching.

Our consultancy and research capability is essential for and complementary to the technical content provided by lawyers, barristers, prosecutors and judges, and is directed towards securing outcomes related to:

  • The autonomous and harmonious operation of the branches of government that provide the services and the checks and balances throughout the criminal justice system
  • The development of national institutions that are effective in facilitating the administration and delivery of the rule of law and justice
  • The promotion of enhanced judicial independence.

High, Deep, Broad

SocialPioneers’ experts work at the highest levels of national governments — Ministers, senior civil servants — and with the most influential people leading international agencies, the private sector and civil society. With a thorough knowledge of the fundamental workings of the wider criminal justice system gained from rising to the top of their fields, our experts are a source of authoritative advice and deep insight that is both strategic and practical.

SocialPioneers’ experts have top-level experience of:

  • Criminal justice service policy making, design and reform (courts, prisons, community sentences, law enforcement, regulations)
  • Rule of law institution building and the machinery of government
  • Civil service modernisation including separation of powers — political, judicial, and law enforcement
  • Creating and developing effective regulatory policies and inspectorates for criminal justice systems (prisons, probation, police)
  • International leadership capacity building, mentoring and coaching — ranging from Ministers to front line senior staff — for criminal justice system performance, adoption of best practices and cultural change
  • Policy making and design of rule of law operations including for specialisms such as domestic/gender violence, mentally ill offenders, female prisoners, high security prisoners, young and juvenile offenders, community legal services, access to justice, citizen security programmes, cross-agency working, child safeguarding, and victim support.

SocialPioneers’ experts have worked as senior criminal justice researchers, advisors, consultants and programme monitors and evaluators for major projects throughout Western Europe and in:

Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Burma, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Palestine, Republica Srpska, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia.

SocialPioneers™ is an international leader in social transformation as the world's first 'Social Transformation Agency'.

We offer independent expert advice, services and support to governments, public service agencies, and communities.

We specialise in building leadership capabilities, transforming public services and generating social value for civil society.

Collaboration is a key element of our strategy and we nurture relationships that enrich and support our mission.

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