SocialPioneers™ is the Social Transformation Agency for governments and civil society.


Applying the Know-How

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time is a key component of our value proposition. By using our flexible resource of high-quality and very experienced professionals, we are able to mobilise and deploy individuals and teams quickly and cost-effectively in response to client requirements and expectations.

Each assignment team is led by a SocialPioneers Executive Director or Associate Director with at least 15 years’ experience of working at board level in major corporations and/or at director level in public service and consultancy provision, including international project leadership. All other team members have more than 10 years of directly relevant, senior experience.

Our Transformation Specialists are international experts in:

  • ministerial and executive coaching and leadership mentoring
  • the development of national and local government systems and capabilities
  • producing separate political and executive decision making with overall transparency and accountability
  • the reform and development of civil service institutions
  • the design and delivery of national and local public services.

Our Public Service System Specialists are experts who have held senior civil servant or director level responsibilities in the design and delivery of public services —in the public sector or in social enterprises— and are now advisors and consultants. Subject areas include:

  • international development (e.g. governance, civil society, education, emergency aid)
  • justice (e.g. courts, human rights, prisons, probation, community safety, victim support, violence against women)
  • health (e.g. acute, primary care, health and social care)
  • interior (e.g. immigration, refugees, asylum, border controls)
  • education (e.g. higher, further, secondary, vocational)
  • employment and skills (e.g. training, disabilities, gender, employability, economic development)
  • culture (e.g. the arts, diversity, faiths, creative industries).

Our Technical Specialists include experts in:  individual and group coaching; accredited training for mentors, managers and leaders; civil servant standards, systems and teaching; HR, staff engagement, and performance assessment; conflict resolution and consensus building; programme and project management, business cases, plans and financial modelling; media, communications and information systems; community development; research and evaluation; translation and interpretation; international fundraising, seminars and events.

SocialPioneers™ is an international leader in social transformation as the world's first 'Social Transformation Agency'.

We offer independent expert advice, services and support to governments, public service agencies, and communities.

We specialise in building leadership capabilities, transforming public services and generating social value for civil society.

Collaboration is a key element of our strategy and we nurture relationships that enrich and support our mission.

Do you need a fast-track review of options, a fully realigned set of organisational priorities and methods, or a fundamental shift in purpose or culture?

Get in touch.

We are here to help.

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